Fiscal Management


Descriptor Code
Policy Title
Directory Section 2 Directory
2.100 Fiscal Management Goals and Objectives
2.200 Annual Operating Budget
2.201 Line Item Transfer Authority
2.202 Debt Management
2.400 Revenues
2.401 Gifts and Bequests
2.402 Investment Earnings
2.403 Personal School Property Sales
2.404 School Support Organizations
2.500 Deposit of Funds
2.600 Bonded Employees
2.601 Fundraising Activities
2.700 Accounting System
2.701 Financial Reports and Records
2.702 Inventories
2.703 Audits
2.800 Expenditure of Funds
2.801 Petty Cash Accounts
2.802 Payroll Procedures
2.803 Salary Deductions
2.804 Expenses and Reimbursements
2.805 Purchasing
2.806 Bids and Quotations
2.807 Requisitions
2.808 Purchase Orders and Contracts
2.809 Vendor Relations
2.810 Payment Procedures
2.900 Student Activity Funds Management
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