Instructional Program

Descriptor Code
Policy Title
Directory Section 4 Directory
4.100 Instructional Goals
4.200 Curriculum Development
4.201 Basic Program
4.202 Special Education
4.206 Special Programs
4.207 English Learners
4.300 Extracurricular Activities
4.301 Interscholastic Athletics
4.302 Field Trips/Excursions/Competitions
4.400 Instructional Materials
4.401 Textbooks
4.403 Reconsideration of Instructional Materials and Textbooks
4.404 Use of Copyrighted Materials
4.405 Employee-Developed Materials
4.406 Use of the Internet
4.407 School and System Websites
4.408 Use of Multimedia
4.500 Community Instructional Resources
4.501 School Volunteers
4.502 Parental and Family Involvement
4.600 Grading System
4.601 Reporting Student Progress
4.602 Honor Roll, Awards, & Class Ranking
4.603 Promotion and Retention
4.607 Waivers of Rules and Regulations
4.700 Testing Programs
4.701 Maintaining Test Security
4.702 Evaluation of Instructional Program
4.800 Controversial Issues
4.801 Controversial Materials
4.802 Student Equal Access (Limited Public Forum)
4.803 Recognition of Religious Beliefs, Customs & Holidays
4.804 Religious Content of Courses
4.805 Prayer and Period of Silence
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